Chartered Accountants

We host and co-host a number of seminars and events during a calendar year.

You will find below a schedule of recent seminars and events:

Employment Relations Seminar

We hosted a presentation on the Employment Relations Bill highlighting changes and other amendments but also drew attention to the major areas where there is no change.

We used speakers from the Employment Law Team at Anthony Harper.

Clients and friends of the practice were invited.

Personal Property Securities Act

From farming through to manufacturing, if clients sell goods on credit, buy goods on credit, provide finance or have utilised retention of title clauses in your credit terms, clients needed to know how this Act affected their business.

PPSA is an Act that governs security interest over personal property.

How it affects you will depend upon who you are, eg supplier/creditor or purchaser.

The Act sets out all the rules dealing with the rights of persons with securities interests over personal property.

We hosted this seminar using a partner from Anthony Harper Lawyers.

Clients, contacts of the practice of the practice were invited.

Tax Pooling

A recent change in tax legislation made it possible for businesses to pool their provisional tax payments with those of other businesses by using pools set up and run by commercial intermediaries.

We brought to Christchurch Mr Ian Kuperus, who is the founder, Managing Director and majority shareholder of Tax Management New Zealand, which is New Zealand's first tax pool intermediary.

Chartered Accountants in public practice in the Christchurch area were invited.

Sale of Business & Succession

Small business owners in New Zealand are getting older.

The majority of small and medium business are family owned. For this group we expect that the average age of the owners is mid 50's with a significant portion of the population 60+ years of age.

For the majority of small business owners their Accountant is their most trusted adviser.

Succession is an issue that needs to be planned and given a reasonable time period to be success. Timeframes of 1-3 years are not unreasonable.

We brought to Christchurch Mr Aaron Wallace, a Principal of Hayes Knight to present a practical guide to the sale of business and the succession advisory process for local practitioners.

Partners from Miller Gale & Winter attended the seminar to provide further training and build on their existing expertise in this field.

Is Investment Art or Art Investment?

We brought together Carmel Fisher of Fisher Funds Management and John Fisher of Fisher Fine Arts Limited to debate the topic "Is Investment Art or Art Investment".

The lively and entertaining event drew a full house.

Have you ever considered investing in art?

How does investment returns compare with a successful fund manager?

Is there a place for both in an investment portfolio?

The debate, held at Fisher Fine Arts Riccarton Christchurch, was enthusiastically received by clients and guests.

Property - Is It STILL The Pathway to Wealth?

You don't need to attend a seminar to know that the property market has changed dramatically in the last 12 months. However, if your portfolio includes direct property or you are wondering what the changing market means to your plans to buy investment property in the future, this seminar was for you.

There are still some excellent property investment opportunities available, if you just know where to look.

This seminar covered the opportunities and pitfalls of current property investment including:

  • What is the best type of property to buy?
  • How can I make good investment decisions using reliable research?
  • What cities/suburbs still offer capital growth?
  • What are the latest financing/loan strategies?
  • What can go wrong and how to manage risk

We brought together Noel Gilchrist of Livingstones and Mr John Grant, Manager of Property Finance from ANZ National to talk to clients and invited guests during this breakfast session.

Contact: Chris Clark at for details of forthcoming seminars and events.