Our Team

"We play the game as a team with skill, passion, professionalism and integrity."

Chris Clark Director 
Gavin Shepherd Director 
Doig D. Smith  Director 
Mike Greenslade  Director 

Diane Marks  diane@millergale.co.nz
Dilanie Cabraal
Elizabeth Thompson  elizabeth@millergale.co.nz
Leanne Scott  leanne@millergale.co.nz
Liam Wagenvoort   liam@millergale.co.nz
Linlin Guo  linlin@millergale.co.nz 
Lisa Guo  lisa@millergale.co.nz
Marisa Donnithorne   marisa@millergale.co.nz 
Megan Power  megs@millergale.co.nz
Pat Vallance  pat@millergale.co.nz
Ruta Joshi   ruta@millergale.co.nz
Serena Kong
Victoria Crighton  victoria@millergale.co.nz